Marshmallow Cookie Maker

Marshmallow Cookie Maker 1.07

Build your own virtual s'more


  • Gameplay is innovative
  • Good sound and graphics quality
  • Share your cookie creation with friends via email


  • Gets monotonous quickly
  • No scoring system

Not bad

Marshmallow Cookie Maker is an app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that lets users build their own version of a multi-layer cookie.

If you've ever gone camping with friends or family, s'mores are a pretty typical thing to want to make around an evening campfire. Just grab some graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows and you're pretty much set. Marshmallow Cookie Maker lets you recapture those nostalgic memories on your iPhone on the go.

The object of Marshmallow Cookie Maker is to build your own s'more-like cookie from a selection of different options. You can choose from a chocolate chip cookie, graham cracker or even a rice krispie treat. Then, pick the kind of chocolate you want to add in and grab some marshmallows. In order to build onto your cookie in Marshmallow Cookie Maker you need to complete a series of relatively simple challenges. To add on actual cookies, you'll need to finish a puzzle. Since Marshmallow Cookie Maker gives you the answer, it's not too difficult to do. For chocolate, you need to tilt your phone's screen back and forth and catch chocolate squares into a pan until it's filled. Lastly, to add on a layer of marshmallow, you have to hold a stick with a marshmallow impaled on it over a campfire just long enough so it cooks but doesn't get set on fire.

All of the challenges in Marshmallow Cookie Maker are pretty simple, making the game a little repetitive. There's also no penalty for making mistakes in the challenges, which adds a bit to the monotony of gameplay.

If you're feeling nostalgic about family camping trips of yesteryear though, Marshmallow Cookie Maker's a fun app to play around with.

Gather around the campfire cuz its time to roast some marshmallows! And everyone knows that an ooey-gooey, soft, warm, melty marshmallow needs cookies and chocolate to go with it! Lets get this camping party started and make some irresistible, marshmallowy, delicious treats!

Nothing is locked in this game, so enjoy all the items in all three categories! The first category is crackers and more, where you choose graham crackers, chocolate chip cookies, apple slices, or rice krispie treats. Before you can use the cookie for the base of your smore, you have a task! Put the pieces together like a puzzle! Next, roast the marshmallow over a fire to a golden brown, but be careful not to burn it! Finally, choose which flavor of chocolate you want to melt between your soft, warm marshmallow and your chocolate. Select from chocolate, mint chocolate, strawberry chocolate, or white chocolate, but wait there is another challenge! The chocolate is falling into the trashcan! You must catch it with your tray before it all lands in the trash! Feel free to go back and make as many marshmallow cookies as you want, and stack the yummy layers as high as you can! Then, go to the eat screen to enjoy the ooey gooey treat! Or, give yourself a little challenge and see how many marshmallow chocolate treats you can eat in 30 seconds! I double marshmallow dare you to beat your last score!
Marshmallow Cookie Maker


Marshmallow Cookie Maker 1.07

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